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Zenoah 320 PUM

New Zenoah 320RC &

PUM Isolator Block

300 PUH 3D Max

Whiplash Gasser Muffled Tuned Exhaust

New and Improved Zenoah 320 PUM Coming Soon!!!

Testing shows this is a very powerful engine right out of the box...stock engine with pipe tested in a sport  hydro ran 73 MPH in the confines of a NAMBA legal course.  Al Chianelli
Motor mounts to fit the new Zenoah 320 PUM.  Mounts will have a built in tab for included throttle linkage and carburetor arm.  Motor mounts for 231 to 300 PUM engines WILL NOT fit the new Zenoah 320 PUM - $55

Engine Repair & Modification Service

Is your engine running rough, hard to start, low on power or torque? Send it in for a repair estimate to restore or improve your performance.

Don't pitch it in the trash... fix it and save $$$.  We work on most Zenoah's, new or used, ours or not.  We are a factory authorized Zenoah dealer and use only genuine Zenoah parts.  Fast turn around and pride of workmanship. This is our only business.  Al Chianelli

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BH Hanson Model Products

7 Lacawac Road
Lake Ariel, PA 18436
260-PUM (257 Carb) $180 Shipped
260 Top End Kit $38
All BH Hanson (Marine) Exhaust Systems and Parts 20% DISCOUNT!

We stock - WT-1048, WT-257, WT-643
WT-644, WT-603, WT-929, WT-811 WT-990
WA-167 carburetors.  Sale price will vary
depending on our purchase price.
WT-929 $32
WT-990 $39
WT-1048 $33
WT-257 $24