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The Leader in Model Gasoline Technology High Performance Engines & Accessories



Aeromarine Stuffing Tube Seal
Hatori SB12R4 Muffler Zenoah 23-29 cc
320 PUM Top End Repair Kit
Zenoah 320 PUM
New Zenoah 320RC & PUM Isolator Block
300 PUH 3D Max
Whiplash Gasser Muffled Tuned Exhaust

JG Hemi V4 Top End Kit

JG Cylinder Kit comes with all parts you need with the exception of the piston to Hot Rod your stock 231-300 PUM engine to an advertised 6 to 7 + HP engine.  This new kit has increased transfer port area with 4 transfer ports and 6 liner windows, larger intake port and 2 rib exhaust port window for increased power and torque with increased high RPM performance.  The V4 is available in 34mm and 36 mm bore .  Add one of our  specially machined lightweight relieved skirted pistons to complete the package.

34 or 36mm Top End Kit  - $375
BH Hanson Special Piston with top end purchase. $35

Complete Engine with J&G Top End Ready to Run

Zenoah 260 PUM ,balanced flywheel, mod piston 34mm top end , 257 carb $540
EZ pull recoil add $15.00. shipping included in the U.S. 

Zenoah 290 (28.5cc) or 300 PUM (29.5cc) with balanced flywheel, mod piston, 1048 carb 36mm top end, EZ pull recoil.  $555  shipping included in the U.S.


Aeromarine has always striven to bring you the latest in innovative R/C Marine products. The NEW STS is no exception. The explosion of today's new electric setups have sparked its own set of obstacles to overcome. Hulls need to be virtually hermetically sealed to prevent damage to expensive electronic components. Even the most seasoned builders have trouble with the elusive sealing of the stuffing box tube.  Not anymore! Extensive trial and error testing lead the way to our NEW  Patent Pending STS (Shaft Tube Seals) design. Compact and made of the BEST materials and bearings available. Install this fitting on the end of your stuffing box tube, the precision collar on the shaft, and your tube is sealed from any water entering the hull. Oil fitting is incorporated allowing for easily oiling the shaft between runs without ever taking the shaft out!  High Speed Bearings allows for a frictionless seal.  $26.95

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BH Hanson Model Products

7 Lacawac Road
Lake Ariel, PA 18436

260 Top End Kit $38 + Shipping
260-PUM (257 Carb) $180 Shipped
231-300 PUM, PUH,  PU Crankcase,
Bare.  Special Purchase $19.50
All BH Hanson (Marine) Exhaust
Systems and Parts 20% DISCOUNT!
We stock - WT-1048, WT-257, WT-643
WT-644, WT-603, WT-929, WT-811 WT-990
WA-167 carburetors.  Sale price will vary
depending on our purchase price.
WT-929 $32
WT-990 $39
WT-1048 $33
WT-257 $24