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Exhaust Systems & Parts


Tuned Pipes



From left to right.

From left to right

 Tuned Pipe standard - To be used with wrap to center (WTC) and deep vee headers. Also good for 231 engines and high RPM 260 engines - $95 - Out of Stock Tuned pipe 3" band. - You asked for it, you got it. 3" band for larger displacement engines and torque setups - $105
Tuned Pipe 1" band - To be used with 260 engines and all headers *EXCEPT* wrap to center and deep vee - $95 Out of Stock

Tune Pipes with Internal Stingers

Tuned Pipe 2 inch band - To be used with 260 engines and all headers *EXCEPT* wrap to center and deep vee -$95 Out of Stock Tuned pipe with Internal Stinger - Zero Band - 2" Band pipe with internal stinger.  Almost as quiet as a muffled pipe, gives more performance to most high timed engines.  $105
Tuned Pipe - Super Quiet - To be used with all engines. Measures 78 DB at 50 feet while still providing outstanding Horse Power - $185 Out of Stock Tuned pipe, shortie - To be used with our Deep Vee and Wrap To Center headers with a speed increase over the standard pipe. Also works great where there are space limitations and with our Outboard system  $105  Out of Stock

Complete marine exhaust system $165 to include exhaust header flange, header of your choice, tune pipe standard, 1" band or 2" band  when purchased with an engine. Out of Stock

New outboard rear facing header. Replaces old design #16 and drops the tuned pipe approx 1/4 inch, but reduces the tuned length by almost an inch for more top end RPM..

BH Hanson Outboard Header - $38 (Motor, Lower Unit & Stand NOT Included)

Out of Stock Out of Stock Out of Stock

BH Hanson Muffled Outboard Exhaust System

This very light system is fully adjustable and is designed for the Lawless outboard lower end and engines using the Zenoah exhaust bolt spacing.  The stinger extends into the pipe for more quiet operation and is drilled for water exit in case of a blow over.  Available with side or rear facing header.  shown but not included is the pipe stopper. - $229

  17. Outboard Header, Side Exit 


Out of Stock


Tuned Pipe Outboard Exhaust System

This non-muffled tune pipe system is fully adjustable and is designed for maximum power and is available with side or rear facing header.  Shown but not included is the pipe stopper. - $175

Out of Stock Click image to enlarge


HEADERS - All headers are $38


New Header #15

New Header #16

1. 90 Deg. header with 3"offset and 90 Deg. bend

8.  Wrap to center header. Puts the header at center of boat.

2. 90 Deg. header with 2" offset and 90 Deg. bend. Out of Stock

9.  90/90 header with 1 inch offset and 2 1/2" rise

3. 90 Deg. header with 1" offset and 90 Deg. bend.

10.  45/90 header with 1" offset and 1"rise. Out of Stock

4.  100 Deg. header with 1"offset and 100 Deg. bend. Out of Stock

11.  45/90 header with 1" offset and 1"drop

5.  105 Deg. header with 1"offset and 105 deg bend.

12.  90 Deg. header with 25 Deg. angle down, 1" drop and 4" offset

6. Wrap to flush  header will put pipe approximately 1 3/4" from engine centerline. 

13.   90 Deg. header with 25 Deg. angle down, 1" drop and 3" offset

7. Deep V header. header with approximately 3 1/2" offset to put header in left side of boat. Out of Stock

14.  90 Deg. header with 25 Deg. angle down, 1" drop and 2" offset

15. The same as #6 with the exception of a 98 degree angle to allow you to adjust your tuned pipe to the proper length using band pipes and still exit in the center of your boat. Will fit in some applications where a center exit is required and needs to exit from a center turbine style cowl.  Out of Stock

#15 on Above Right & #6 Above Left

16 Outboard Rear Exhaust Header - Out of Stock - Motor, Lower Unit & Stand NOT Included

Exhaust Flanges  

Two-piece Header Flange with Viton O-rings - The flange supports our headers in a water-cooled environment, enabling the exhaust to remain cool and dry. - $40 specify for Zenoah or QuickDraw use.

B.H. Hanson Pipe Stopper  

This ring clamps to our 7/8th header pipe and stops the pipe from sliding towards the engine while holding the pipe firmly with Viton o-rings. It makes pipe adjusting easy using the ring as a reference point for length. The ring is properly sized so it wont scratch the header when sliding it on and there is no chance of radio noise or pipe damage as with other designs that use a metal piece that goes over the pipe nipple. - $16.95

Header Coolers  

Header running hot? Use these coolers to bring down temps. Made to fit 7/8th headers. Air cooled on left $32.95. Water cooled on right $21.50

Click image to enlarge



Helicopter Muffler - With gaskets and bolts. $29.50

Aircraft Muffler - With gaskets and bolts. $28.50

Stinger Marine Muffler - fits all BH Hanson marine tuned pipes - $36

Prices and description are listed left to right.


BH Hanson Tuned Helicopter Exhaust System

Whiplash Gasser Muffled Tuned Exhaust.
This heli system offers adjustable brackets, mounts and variable tuned length to suit a variety of applications.
It is shown  for the M.A. Whiplash right side exit use with other applications available soon.
The muffler concept was designed by Japanese racer Hiroyuki Okuma and modified for heli use by Macs Products.
It is quiet without reducing power and has been tested with our 270, 290 and 300 engines.
Complete system...................................................$295
Muffled tuned pipe only.........................................$185
Screw in style header w. hardware gasket and wrench...$85.00
spare screw in coupler, 2.5 inch................................$8.95

spare mount bracket for custom applications..........$11.95

spare rubber mounts w hardware, 2pcs ....................$9.95
pipe rings with silicone covering and spring............$25

This system is made in the U.S.A. and has been developed and tested using our engines.

At only 88 db's, it is extremely quiet yet very powerful.

BH Hanson Tuned Helicopter exhaust system for left side exit. Approximately 24 inches in length measuring from the center of the exhaust port to pipe tip.  2 1/2 inch center to center rise.  $229
Heli Tuned Pipes
Heli systems using the large volume pipe which is recommended for the 26 and larger engines are $269

Above left system shown with optional header cooler ($32.95 ) for longer coupler life.  All tuned Helicopter systems now come with medical grade silicone couplers ($22) and Snap type clamps.($2.99 for 2)

Hatori SB12R4

Hatori SB12R4 Muffler is designed for Zenoah 23-29 cc engines. 

This muffler has shown a significant power increase from the last Heli muffler we offered when used with larger displacement engines.

Hatori offers an honored 1 year warranty against failure.

Price..$225 Out of Stock

Price when purchased with our 3D max engine $210