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Zenoah 20PUM E.I.

Zenoah Engines And Parts In Stock And Ready For Delivery


260 PUM, no carb


260 PUM, 644 Choke Carb

260 PUM, 1048 carb. 257 also available $200
270 PUM, Zenoah 1mm stroker crank installed, 26.4cc, no carb...1/2 HP Gain with the addition of the stroker crank (maintains stock outward appearance) $215
270 PUM 1mm stroker crank installed 26.3 cc, 1048  or 257 carb $235
300 PUM Factory installed 1mm stroker  29.5 cc 1048 carb $190
1mm Zenoah stroker crank for PU engines $38
2mm Zenoah stroker crank for PU engines $38
RC Stroker Crank $38
RC 1 mm Stroker Crank $38
RC 2 mm Stroker Crank $38
29 PUM top end kit $75
EZ Pull Re-coil Kit $39

Zenoah RC Engines

Click HERE for Video - Click Below for PDF Flyer

New Zenoah 320RC

260 RC with clutch and 603carb $160
240RC with clutch and 990carb $220
270 RC with clutch and 990carb $235
290 RC with clutch and carb $245

Aircraft Engines by R.C. Ignition

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Our Zenoah Aircraft engines are modified to give you a trouble free, light weight engine with easy starting abilities. All engines feature an efficient electronic ignition that will run for about two hours on a 4.8 or 6 volt 600 M.A. battery pack. Engine performance is enhanced with the removal of excess crankshaft weight and modified spark curve. Also included on all engines is a safety hub that is stronger then the factory supplied propeller hub and a rotated carburetor on a custom intake manifold for a straight pull linkage. Hand starting is easy with a hot spark at 1 RPM ! All engines are custom made, pre run and adjusted for trouble free use. While we keep these engines in stock there may a two week wait for delivery depending on demand.

  • Above left - G26. Our 260 SPU weighs about 2.5 lbs and makes 17 lbs of thrust with a Mejzlik 18-6 prop. RPM is 9000 with no muffler and 8200 with muffler. Engine is supplied as pictured along with firewall mount, factory muffler, manual and plug wrench. - $425

  • Above center - G38. Our G38 SPU weighs in at 3.5 lbs. Best performance is with a 20-8 or 18-10 prop. Spark retard is linkage controlled for easy starting. Engine is supplied with no muffler, custom firewall mount, factory manual and plug wrench. - $475

  • Above right - G62. Our G62 SPU is trimmed and lightened to just over 4 lbs. This powerhouse turns a 22-10 prop 7000 RPM and makes 28 lbs of thrust. Engine is supplied as pictured with custom firewall mount, factory muffler, manual and plug wrench. - $525

Zenoah Aircraft Engines


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Heli Engines

 Available in 20/231/260/290 PUH & G230/240/260/270/290 RC Style

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G200PU 3D Max - Comes as shown. modifications include modified cylinder, lightened piston, trued and balanced crank, big bore carburetor, metal carburetor block with Teflon gaskets, improved ignition system. Zenoah air cleaner with choke. smooth and powerful Zenoah.  Approximately 20% more power then a stock G200.  $495

  • 260 Pro Heli Engine - Pump bulb carburetor, lightened ported piston, balanced flywheel and blue printed cylinder - $425

  • 260 Pro Plus Heli Engine - Same specs as above, plus metal isolator block and a modified crankshaft for a very smooth running - $445

  • 260 3D-Max -  Pump bulb 643 carburetor, metal isolator block, hi compression ported cylinder with new porting for 2011, lightened ported piston, trued and balanced crankshaft and flywheel for smooth running $495
  • G200PU 3D Max - Modified cylinder, lightened piston, trued and balanced crank, big bore carburetor, metal carburetor block with Teflon gaskets, improved ignition system. Zenoah air cleaner with choke. smooth and powerful...All Zenoah.  Approximately 20% more power then a stock G200. . $495

  • 29 3D Max - Our most powerful Heli engine. 28.5 cc using Zenoah bore up cylinder, trued and balanced crank, balanced flywheel, ported 2mm bore up cylinder, very light piston, metal isolator block. smooth and powerful.  Available in  the following...RC - $515 / PUH  - $525

PUH Style RC Style

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Marine Engines

From mild to WILD
Stock: 2.6 HP @ 14,000 RPM SEE SALE ITEMS
Stock with Optional Tuned Pipe 3.8 HP @

Pro Modified

NEW Modifications For 2012 -  Modifications Include

Adjusted Intake & Exhaust Timing, Enlarged Exhaust & Intake Window Areas, Enlarged Transfer Ports, M-Cut Lightweight Piston &  Balanced Flywheel

  • Pro Modified - $435 

  • Pro Mod with Optional Tuned Pipe - $570

For balanced and trued crankshaft, bearings set for crankshaft end play and seals converted to our low drag style add $30

HORNET - 25.4 to 29.5 Available

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Timing custom set for your application, modifications include-

M-cut lightweight piston with polished dome, increased compression, enlarged intake and exhaust ports with race timing, extensive transfer port modification with pocket porting, crankshaft trued and balanced with bearings set for end play and seals modified for low drag, intake block matched faced off and matched to cylinder, bored out and bell mouthed 257 carburetor, flywheel balanced, and engraved water jacket, NGK spark plug.

Stroker crankshafts and Big Bore cylinders are added to increase displacement.  These engines are custom made and may require two weeks to ship from order placement depending on our work load.  

25.4cc..................................... $595
26.5cc Stroker ..................... $615
28.5cc Big Bore.................... $635
29.5cc Stroker Big Bore...... $675

Our racing engines are not "cookie cutter" engines and are specifically designed and timed for your application.

Add Optional Exhaust System (At time of engine purchase) - Exhaust Flange, Tuned Pipe & Header - $135

"shown with optional motor mount, engine collet and exhaust flange"

Zenoah 20 PUM E.I.


This little powerhouse is smaller and lighter then other Zenoah PUM engines, but even in stock form , puts out about as much power as a 231 PUM.  Use our specially designed engine mounts for easy installation.  The exhaust port bolt spacing and size is the same as standard Zenoah. It is supplied as shown with carb, velocity stack, ignition box and Ez pull recoil. Price  $249

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JG V2 Hemi Front Intake/ Rear Exhaust Engine RTR


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Professionally assembled JG Billet engine with coils, NGK spark plug, 257 carb, ready to run.  $1200

For BH Hanson Tuned pipe add $70 at time of purchase.


Car & Go-Ped Engines

Zenoah 230 R/C, 260 R/C
Comes with rear housing and clutch shoes 4HP - $249

Also available in a highly modified racing versions - $425